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I and II, Group B, C, D, E, F and G; 2" diameter push button Supplier of em lock push button and access control systems and accessories How to Wire Outdoor Reader Magnetic lock and Exit button Kit Part 2: Installing Exit Button & The First Run of 1 x Electric Magnetic Lock(600 LBS Force) 1 x Power supply( 110-240V input, 3A output, to power the whole system) 1 x Push to Exit button 10 x RFID Key fobs 10 x RFID Cards 1 x CD for Software/User manual/Wire diagram/Video Guide Simply push a button to exit. With no moving parts to bind or wear out, the Security Door Controls electromagnetic door lock provides positive, instantaneous release, whether caused by Magnetic Card Locks. EL-EB3 – Exit Button designed with flush stainless steel face plate with zinc alloy 2 position removable key, single pole; Flush stainless steel face plate; Lock housing: . The SPDT contacts switch when the button is depressed and return when it is released. Thus, the magnetic lock is met with both security and fire safety requirements and is available for emergency exit doors The magnetic locks are made with epoxy potting compound and is protected by this compound, which ensures a long life for the lock. Push Button To Enter found in: Caution Automatic Door Push Button To Activate Door Label Set NHE-9407, ADA Push Button To Activate Door Label NHE-9409. Choose from our selection of push-to-close door latches, including push-to-close latches, padlockable push-to-close latches, and more. From Custom Exit Bars, to Door Pulls, to Card Reader-Handicap Posts, to Magnet Housings and Conduit, we can manufacture any custom hardware in any material or finish for any environment that. Included: "PUSH TO EXIT" and "PRESIONE PARA SALIR" faceplates. It is a button installed on the inside of a room, and is wired to the electric lock equipped on the door. On the secure side, the door has a magnetic lock with door position switch, PIR REX (Passive Infrared Request to Exit) sensor above the door, and a Push To Exit button on the wall (this is as a backup exit system). There are two main types of electric locking devices. These Exit Switches include a button on a wall mount plate with code compliant push switch signage "EXIT" or "PUSH TO EXIT" Opening device: Normal Open. Five color-coded, 12-inch, AWG 18 wire leads with easy-to-attach spade lugs for fast installation. Here you can get the best Door Release Push Button with fast shipping in Aliexpress Best Sellers. Button labeled "PUSH TO EXIT" Adjustable 2 to 45 second S. You can wire a normally-open push button (2 terminals) to Sensor and. . For more information, visit us online or call 1-800-ALA-LOCK. Top and bottom latches with automatic relatching, keeping the latches retracted when the door is open (thus avoiding contact with the floor) Magnetic Lock Brackets, Type L, Models ECL-ACC3L/ACC6L/ACC12L ECL-ACC470IL Wide LED Push-to-Exit Button Magnetic Lock Brackets for Glass Doors - U-Type, ECL-ACC3U/ACC612U Magnetic Lock 60kg 70kg 180kg 280kg 350kg 500kg 750kg Shear Lock Electric Bolt Lock Electric Strike Electric Cabinet Lock Electric Hook Lock Exit Button Push Button Infrared Sensor Exit Button Piezoelectric Exit Button Touch Exit Button Key Switch Call Point Back Box Fire Equipment Magnetic Door Holder Push Rod Lock Accessories (Hot) Remote The model PB2 is a spring loaded momentary 2 square, exit button, mounted on a stainless steel single gang outlet box cover. Vandal Resistant Looking for SECURITRON Push to Exit Button, Emergency, 4-1/2" Height, Stainless Steel (5LAA1)? Grainger's got your back. Press open, let go close. Dome exit button, plastic exit button, flush or surface exit button, stainless steel exit button or DDA exit button, emergency break glass switches or key switch A Press to exit button will alleviate the need to use a door handle in order to exit or in-deed enter a controlled door An electromagnetic lock, magnetic lock, or maglock is a locking device that consists of an electromagnet and an armature plate. The UK’s No. The push button exit Features a round slim design with blue Handicap logo and blue "push to open" text. Electromagnetic locks use electricity to make metal temporarily magnetic. Locknetics by Schlage 621GR-EX Heavy Duty Aluminum Exit Pushbutton. Because the loop in unbroken, we know the magnet is locked. Stainless steel plate with green plastic domed button. Ask your question Entering your question as a complete sentence will provide more accurate results than keywords or phrases. These Exit Switches include a button on a wall mount plate with code compliant push switch signage "EXIT" or "PUSH TO EXIT" Amazon. The DKML (DoorKing Magnetic Lock) series of magnetic locks offer a wide range of high quality electro-magnetic locks (1200, 600 and 300 Lb locks) and brackets to accommodate almost any access control door locking requirement. 380kgs 830Lbs 12v Magnetic Door Lock , Metal Door Fail Secure Magnetic Lock. We will send the item as " GIFT ". 95. In such cases, the exit push button must be able to hold power from the magnetic lock long enough for the user to reach for the door handle and open the door. All they  21 Mar 2015 Exit Button | ZKTeco offers a variety of exit buttons to suit every access control application. The EEB2 and EEB3N have a 3 Amp switching capacity. Magnetic Security Door Reinforcer Lock mag locks are widely used for Therefore the magnetic lock is truly fail-safe (Power to lock). Door Exit Button. Locknetics products were incorporated into the Schlage product line, and re-branded as Schlage by 2007. Brand New. Choose from a large selection of the latest Door Release Push Button with great offers only on Aliexpress. Secure entry and exit of your building with the Deedlock access control kit with electromagnetic lock and keypad. We also carry child safety locks, magnetic catches, touch latches, soft-close bumpers and more. E307F Pin+Fingerprint Lock. This Basic Magnetic Lock Kit System is designed and integrated to be used as a simple and easy to use access control solution for most 1 door applications. Thick Steel 1200 lb. Model: 621 (1 1 ⁄4" Button, single gang) Button: GR-EX (Green, “PUSH TO EXIT”) ED900 Single with Electric Magnetic lock (fail safe), MS Rim Exit Device, Emergency Push Button, (2) WS-1 Wall Switch, and Input Device ED900 07-01-2016 | 586. Alarms may be intercon-nected with the push-button. CM-9000 and CM-9100 series push/exit buttons are all-metal construction and will withstand extreme attacks of all types. US-made signs and labels Door Exit Button Switch, Push Button For Door Access Magnetic drive sliding door opener Glass Clamp Max 280kg Door Weight DC12V Magnetic Lock For Double Swing Visit The Home Depot to buy 1200 lb. is one of prime Magnetic Lock and Exit Button for Door | access control manufacturers located in Taiwan since 2000. unlock the magnetic lock. Push to open buttons are usually seen in high traffic areas where people are consistently going in and out of buildings. uk: ZL Bracket for Inward Door 180KG/350lbs Holding Force Electric Magnetic Lock. These units are intended only for release of a magnetic lock from the inside of a door. Make sure the exit  Handicap Exit Buttons - Push to Exit Button - Momentary DPDT Exit Button - Herculite Stailess Steel Magnetic Locks - Herculite Brakets - Herculite Glass Door   27 Jul 2018 Magnetic locks are considered one of the most secure locks you can have; they buildings with keypad, press to exit button & magnetic lock  normally on (which helps guide a person to the push button). Locking devices can be either "fail safe" or "fail secure". More Info. Exit button A range of 15 exit button for access control systems. Kit controls two doors! This kit lets you choose the magnetic lock you need and includes 2 illuminated Exit buttons, 2 Transformer/power supplies, Wireless Long Range Receiver Kit that includes a receiver and 2 remote control transmitters, and 1 Securakey E-Access1 Proximity Card System. To restart the motor, the overloads must be reset and the START button must again be depressed. The Maglock also brings and adjustable alarm time between 1 to 30 sec. Priced at £188. exit button, mounted on a 1 3/4” stainless steel narrow stile plate. Online Buy 2018 high quality, low price Door Release Push Button. Sited at the top of the door, the electromagnetic lock can be released in three ways; entering the correct code into the keypad entry system, pressing the white exit button or activating the emergency call point. › LED on MAS-RB does not triggered on after Push Button is pressed. A push-to-exit button does exactly what its name describes: It allows you to exit when you push it, if your door doesn’t open with traditional handles. T he 463 series vandal resistant request-to-exit switch is made of stainless steel and billion-cycle capacitive sensor technology. 5. The unit shall operate on 12 or 24 VDC (field selectable). › Blue LED will be turned on after Push Button is pressed. com offers 479 door lock release buttons products. Designed for hazardous locations. DEB33ABS . “Push to Exit” button will bypass the keypad and motion sensor, unlocking the  An electromagnetic lock, magnetic lock, or maglock is a locking device that consists of an Electromagnetic locks are well suited for use on emergency exit doors that have fire safety applications because they knobs on a door, typically a separate release button that cuts the lock power supply is mounted near the door. This guide will take you through the basics of connecting the components together. Standard locks ship within 48 hours. Heavy cast NEMA type 7 enclosure; Conforms to Class I, DIV. Buy It Now PushButton Locks PushButton locks are ideal for interior and exterior doors in your home or business. D. Both EEB2 and EEB3N have a 3A switching capacity and a timer set for 30 seconds. We are specialists. The adaptable AD-200 offline lock allows users to upgrade the credential reader without replacing the lock body. Devices found here include activation devices, emergency push buttons, ADA push button alerts, exit pushbuttons, piezoelectric switches and more. Push Button Specification  7 Feb 2019 Magnetic Locks or Electromagnetic Locks or sometimes called Mag lock can be released by a keypad/ break glass unit or push to exit button. Standard & Piezoelectric (electricity resulting from pressure) Exit Switches provide a release device for doors secured with a magnetic lock or electric Exit Push Buttons | Doorking - Access Control Solutions Shenzhen Keway Technology Co. com. Push to exit buttons are necessary when magnetic locks and other electro mechanical locking devices are used to secure an exit or entry door. After the alarm time has been set the alarm will sound if the door is open. Recessed Mounted Door Exit Button Fireproof ABS Housing For Access Control System. Only US$2. The weatherized design ensures superior performance. A wide variety of door lock release buttons options are available to you, such as free samples. Large (2" square), illuminated, momentary push button. Pushbutton Option Selected. SHENZHEN CAMEL SECURITY CO. They are capable of securing your doors at all times and add privacy when needed. Shop with confidence. The Button shall be labeled ‘PUSH TO EXIT” and shall be non-illuminated. B. Shopping for Cheap Exit Button at HSY Store and more from buttons buttons,button exit,button push,button emergency,button panel on Aliexpress. Any individual that needs to exit the building or pass through the door simply has to push or press the button. GoKeyless - Shop Online for Keyless Door Locks for your business, home, cabinets, and gates. One Door Magnetic Lock Kit 1200Lbs Hold Force With Key Switch & Exit Button. Where keys and cards get lost and stifle employee output, these locks prevent a problem before it occurs and improve productivity. Locknetics company supplied electro-magnetic locking devices, electronic smart locks, and electronic security components to access control dealers and lock smiths. If pressed again Parabit’s design and fabrication experts create and install custom hardware, cameras, and access control for any business. In stock and ready to ship. F. A wide variety of flush and surface mount exit buttons and switches are available. Magnetic lock systems are fairly simple to set up. Chiyu Technology Co. This makes the PBA-860 perfect for any emergency exit that requires security, such as at a hospital, museum, or electronics store. Visit AlarmLock. Locknetics, now a part of the Schlage brand, manufacturers electronic door access control systems. For your shopping experience, MagneticLockKits. The second drawing shows interface of the PB5 with an access control system such that a fail safe lock (generally a magnetic lock) is released for the amount of time programmed into the system in safe, double break fashion. Push Door Buttons are used for emergencies, easy access for entries, handicapped accessibility for exit doorways. Manufacturer of Exit Switches For Access Control Systems - Stainless Steel Push Button Switches 3, Emergency Glass Break Switch, Touch Sensor Exit Button  In the video above, we installed the mag lock and drilled holes for the proximity reader on the outside of the door and the push-to-exit button on the inside of the  Non touch Exit Infrared Sensor,Exit Button,Remote Control,Emergency Key Switches ATM Magnetic Card Access Control NF-88 Exit Push Button is a satin finish stainless steel access switch button, NF-83L Emergency Key Switch is an emergency switch button with Special mechanical key lock, used in situation. dormakaba offers a variety of RCI switches to create the perfect solution for every entrance. Kaba Ilco Unican Simplex LP1000 Series Model LP1020 Panic/Exit keyless lock with Interchangeable Core KEY OVERRIDE (less the core) 100% Mechanical HEAVY DUTY push button lock Thousands of possible co Shop our selection of modern push knob latches, marine and rv latches and catches. Typically used together with door access system. For example, you could install a pushbutton lock on your office doors to keep the privacy of the occupant protected. an access control system such that a fail safe lock (generally a magnetic lock) is released for the. E307C Pin+Prox Card Lock. Also included is a silent and stylish swing door opening and closing unit that is reliable, safe, and suitable for hands-free and handicapped access. Magnetic Lock, Card Access System, 100 Card, Exit Devices & Power Supply feet line of sight), 2 Remotes, 1 Power Supply, 1 Push Button (Red or Green,  ZOTER Exit Button, Push Release Door Switch Press to: Amazon. Help protect building occupants with reliable electromagnetic mag lock devices from Grainger. narrow stile key plate. Get the best deals for Maglock Security Systems, Access Control Devices, Magnetic Door lock kits, Cameras,Video Door Intercoms and much more! FPC Security. T (Single Pole Double push-button. Switches. With this, the door automatically releases and allows free exit. The exit button Push Buttons. source to ensure that it is DC output, or you can damage the magnetic lock or fail safe strike, DC Power Supply Electromagnetic Lock or a Fail Safe Strike (The strike is Polarity Insensitive) Push Button N/C Depressing the push button, activating the keypad or activating the PIR would open the circuit, stopping the flow of electricity What the Push-to-Exit Button Does. And a magnetic-coded lock (exactly like the nearly unpickable lock EVVA MCS) is a mixture of a standard lock and a magnetic keyed lock. Tel: 1-888-504-3318 sales@fpc-security. High quality 36" electric exit (push) bar for indoor use with all our models of Magnetic Locks. NC & NO function! 38 - No Touch Sensor Exit Egress Button PG-Button-09 with IR Sensor, Adjustable Proximity & Lock Delay Features Details FAS PG-Button-09 Push Button with IR Sensor. Working Electric Strike, Magnetic Lock Or Other Elctric Lock With Access   dropbolt, dropbolts, magnetic locks, magnetic lock, electric strikes, electric strike, magnetic door manufacturer, exit button, magnetic contact, panic button , Sprint Industrial Locks Inc. 79 ex VAT. Electric Magnetic Lock. Stainless Steel 12VDC Door Exit Button NC NO COM Output For Access Control System › After pressing exit button, door cannot be open. Ingersoll-Rand acquired the Locknetics company in 2000. Excellent!!! All very good quality except the push to exit button it's the old style . 2. 13. When an access control application uses a sensor detecting an approaching occupant to release a lock for egress, the model codes require an auxiliary push button which will also release the lock. Mechanical keyless door locks offer a traditional style for all business environments from healthcare facilities to kitchens, or schools. The contacts are UL listed with 5 AMP capacity. Price $92. A fail-secure locking device remains locked when power is lost. The push to exit button is connected to the access control application, which controls the locking mechanism of the door, using wires. We also offer a 2000 Lb shear lock which provides both a magnetic and mechanical connection. Exit Devices. However, the lock cannot be released. 22 KB ED900 Single Door: EML310 Electromagnetic Lock 24VDC (Fail Safe) 9300 MS Exit Device x PB721 MO SPDT Push Button x TD-ADJ Timer x Card Reader x Hard Wired Actuators The VIS-1200BZ-LED single door electric lock with buzzer and suitable for wooden door, fireproof door, door and metal door and. When choosing which maglock to choose, you have to take a number of factors into account – not just in relation to the magnetic lock itself, but also the type and   This package includes: 1 EL-1200 E-Maglock 1200 LBS Holding force 1 DC12V adapter with 0-15 sec Time Relay 1 NF-62S Exit Button 1 Buzzer EL-1200 . , Ltd. How it works Exit Buttons are an integral part of all access control systems, doors can be secured but retain the ability to exit easily, and we have them in the following engravings to include, Press To Exit, Push To Open, Door Release, Exit and Emergency Door Release. Panic exit devices PUSH BAR 90+ 8 Top and bottom rim lock (2 latches) Rim panic exit device with horizontal action touch bar, top and bottom latches, for single or double leaf door. A major benefit of using push button door locks or digital locks is that these keyless door locks maintain records of entry and exit every time they are used. From China. The VIS-800BZ-LED Single door electric lock with buzzer and suitable for wooden door, fireproof door, door and metal door. ,LTD is best ANSI Size Button(115*40mm), ANSI Size Button (115*70mm) and European Size Button (86*86mm) supplier, we has good quality products & service from China. Press this to open door for exit. Designed to be easy-to-install and maintenance-free, SARGENT exit devices come in a variety of offerings, including rim, mortise, surface and concealed vertical rods, and alarmed exit hardware. Non-contact Exit Button Remote Key Exit Switch. The Push Button shall be a 2” by 2” (1 x ¾ for EEB3N) industrial grade button with protective cowling. Open the door and In the push to exit reference, the exit button doesn't release the door. Products include electromagnetic locks, electromechanical locks, power bolts, power supplies, transformers, push buttons, key switches, exit touch bars, door position switches, monitoring stations, mag card readers, shear locks, electronic locks, keypads, and cabinet locks. D. A magnetic keyed lock uses variations in the push and pull of a magnetic key to set the pins. Also the sheer variety of keyless Push Button Door Locks and how they can be operated can be very intriguing. com for the latest in high security locks for hotels. Keyless doors locks can improve the security of your home or business. When the button is pressed, the lock releases for 30 seconds. The lock will disengage, thus, opening the  FAS PB10 Illuminated Green Square Request to Exit Push Button High quality 42" electric exit (push) bar for indoor use with all our models of Magnetic Locks. The best type of exit push button for this function is a pneumatically controlled exit push button. DS-K4H450S Single-door Magnetic Lock; DS-K4H450D; DS-K4H250D Double- door Magnetic Lock; DS-K4H250S Single-door Magnetic Lock; DS-K4H258D  Imported From China; It Is Widely Used In Doors, Exits, Gates And Automatic Control. Another example would be for a bedroom door. co. Wireless range up to a 150+ feet line of sight. Magnetic Lock Compatible with any access control system magnetic door locks meet the demands of security professionals, and the most rigorous building and fire life safety codes in the world. 18, buy best door exit button release push switch for access control system sale online store at wholesale price. Make sure the The electric strike is not locking the door. 60 days free credit available. Shop our selection of cabinet catches, latches and bumpers. Push to Exit Switch; Plastic Switch 4mm aluminum alloy Shenzhen Goldbridge Industrial company are engaged in rfid card, smart card, rfid key fob, rfid tag, nfc tag, rfid reader, long range uhf reader, and rfid wristband , access control system, electromagnetic lock, have 20 years experience in customize high-end door access control system. com ,the Leading Trading Marketplace from China SD-7201GC-PEQ Request-to-Exit Plate w Green mushroom cap push button, “Push To Exit,” SPDT Stainless-steel face-plate "Push to Exit" silk-screened on plate Fits into standard single-ga Add to Compare It starts at the "+" (positive) terminal of the power supply, travels through the exit and entry switches, into the positive terminal of the magnetic lock, and out through the negative (-) terminal of the mag back in through the negative terminal of the power supply. The 463 is a heavy duty, illuminated, stainless steel exit button that features a unique jumper selectable, bi-colored illumination status. Print. Manual Release Override: Pressing the code- compliant. C. I PUSH BUTTON STATIONS Briton Domed Push-To-Exit Button (4055P) Flush-mounted. , Sprint Locks, sprintlocks. Easy online ordering and next-day delivery available with 24/7 expert product support. 26 Feb 2015 This article contains steps to fix the problem of XP-SR200K reader where the door does not released even after the exit button has been  16 Aug 2012 The function of the ACE lock would have the magnetic lock fails to install the motion sensor and the 'Push to Exit' button on the wall. Exit (pressure sense) Bars purpose is to release electromagnetic door locks for uninhibited egress. Magnetic 1-3/8 in. com : Waterproof Metal RFID Keypad Door Entry Systems & 350lbs Electric Magnetic Lock+110V Power Supply+Push to Exit Button+RFID Keychains/Cards : Camera & Photo SDC Request-to-Exit Switch series is available in a variety of exit button and push button styles and contact confiqurations to fit several application needs. £ £ . "PUSH TO EXIT" message can be replaced with "PRESIONE PARA SALIR" message. High Security Single Door Access Control Magnetic Lock 600kgs 1300Lbs Waterproof IP65. > Magnetic Lock Setup Guide Introduction. Specify the type of lock you would like, and let our design team take care of the details. When the button is pressed, releasing the lock, the switch LED turns off. This Deedlock access control kit includes three devices that enable entry and exit from a building by activating an electromagnetic lock. It can also be upgraded to a networked wireless lock equal to the AD-400 to suit changing needs. Ltd is a professional door lock manufacturer, main products include magnetic lock, electric bolt lock, electric strike, electric cabinet lock, exit button, power supply, magnetic door holder, door loops, remote control and modules. The Push Button shall have a limited lifetime warranty covering malfunction and abuse. AD-200 Standalone Electronic Lock. Door Exit Button Push Release Plastic Switch 12V Exit Push Button White Switch Electric Magnetic Lock Door Access Control. The 433 MHz Series Transmitters and Receiver are ideal for the wireless activation and/or sequencing of automatic doors. Activation of the push-button to exit without use of the card-reader would activate the alarm. is a rectangular exit button, mounted on a 1 3/4” S. high grade magnet and designed in miniature size which ease for Wireless Push-to-exit button is a wireless RF based accessory that is compatible control door locking mechanisms like electric locks/strikes, magnetic locks,  Standalone Access Control Kit - With Keypad and Magnetic Lock. Push To Exit Sign found in: Portrait OSHA Push Button Below To Exit Sign ONEP-29320, OSHA Push Button Below To Exit Sign ONE-29320, Pull To Release. Buy online & collect in hundreds of stores in as little as 1 minute! This magnetic lock is installed in a fail secure configuration. com I have a question that I’m hoping you’ll share your insight on, but first…a little background. E2031XSLL-26D-41 Kaba E-Plex™ Electronic Pushbutton-Battery Powered Lock - Key-In-Lever, Kaba Cylinder (Schlage "C" Keyway) included, is an electronic access control provides additional features beyond mechanical access control. OVERLOAD PROTECTION -Operation of the overload relay contacts breaks the circuit, thus opens M. However, door can be open after flash card. Single-gang plate. to 2 in. Electric Door Lock- ST245SL Electric strike for glass door fail safe or fail secure 12v or 24v; 11921-60/4 CISA electric gate lock surface mounted - left outward opening; BTS-100 Touch sensitive exit button with timer Push to exit buttons are necessary when magnetic locks and other electro mechanical locking devices are used to secure an exit or entry door. WireCrafters has experience with many different types and styles of locks for your wire partition projects, and can integrate most any type of lock, standard or custom, into our system. Economic; Simple to use The exit button releases power to the magnetic lock. P. S. PUSH TO EXIT MULLION MOUNT REX BUTTON. US-made signs and labels Alibaba. Electronic Timer Push Buttons. It will give you a general idea of how the wiring should be completed, while leaving out details such as mounting the components to a door or wall. NTS-1. CE,FCC and   Pressing the code compliant “Push to Exit” push button will bypass the keypad A signal from the Fire Alarm Panel will immediately unlock the magnetic lock. › XP-SR200K does not beep when Push Button is pressed. Buy Keypad Door Locks at Screwfix. When pushed, it momentarily releases the fail-secure or fail-safe lock of the door. NO/NC contacts rated 10A@125VAC. About 27% of these are push button switches, 20% are locks, and 19% are access control system. E. $3. The buttons are countersunk in a heavy duty 1/4" thick brushed aluminum faceplate and available in single gang (2-3/4") or narrow stile (1-3/4") widths. View all: Briton Push Button Locks. When pressure is applied to the push pad, the internal, mechanical microswitch immediately releases the electromagnetic lock at the top of the door, making it perfect for use on high security or heavy duty doors. com One Door Magnetic Lock Kit 600Lbs Hold Force With Key Switch & Exit Button. com offers easy to purchase electric lock kits which include combinations of our most popular magnetic locks, magnetic lock brackets, digital keypads, exit buttons, egress devices, wireless access, access control equipment and card readers. SDC key switch assemblies provide an economical method of providing authorized control for a variety of applications. Material: Hard Plastic. 60KG; 180KG; 280KG; 320KG; 500KG; U Bracket; L Bracket; LZ Bracket; Exit Button. Talk to our agents about your project. A wide variety of  Additional door hardware as required (exit button, emergency exit, door lock, turnstile etc) the GateKeeper power supply to power any mag locks or door strike. Essex PEB Series Piezoelectric Access Switches are illuminated, stainless steel, timed electronic switches designed to operate in various high use, harsh and vandal prone environments. In other words, utilization of the card reader will unlock the mag-lock and shunt (turn off or not activate) the alarm, while utilization of the push-button will unlock the mag-lock and Find great deals on eBay for Door Exit Push Release Button for Electric Lock Strike. DEB33ABS DOOR EXIT Push Button Specifications: Construction : White Beige DEB33ABS DOOR EXIT Push Button Specifications: Construction : White Beige ABS Standard Structure : Plastic Panel and Button Current : 3A @ 36 VDC max Mean Time Between Failure : 500,000 Camden Door Controls now offers a restroom control system that combines the function of 3 devices in 1! Our new CM-2520/48 'Push to Lock' & 'Push to Open' switch, with Aura™ LED illuminated 'Locked' status (inside the restroom) makes installation and operation easier then ever! CX-WC13AX > Kit Includes: 1200 Lbs. There is no magnetic attraction between the maglock and the plate. All standard access control tests are needed in addition to this the push button). Both units incorporate a timer set for 30 seconds. Depressing the STOP button breaks the circuit, de-energizing coil M, contacts M return to their normally open position. Switches deliver effortless operation for access control, door automation, alerts, and handicap accessibility. Call 1-800-803-8093 - Need a Push Button or Key Switch for your security application? We've got you covered! Push Buttons and Key Switches, Magnetic Lock Accessories - FastAccessSecurity. Holding Force Magnetic Lock, 1 Bosch (Hands Free) Exit Motion Sensor, 1 433 MHz Long Range Wireless Receiver, 2 433 MHz Remotes,1 Power Supply, 1 Illuminated Push Button (Red or Green, depending on stock), and 1 Fingerprint Reader FAS-SB-01SF. Marketing Information. 1 trade catalogue. push to exit button for magnetic lock

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